Author: Malcolm Duckett

Malcolm Duckett

With 13 years in the on-line customer experience, analytics and marketing space I am starting to find my feet!

As CEO of Magiq  I am excited to be bringing innovative Lifecycle Marketing solutions to enterprises large and small, exploiting the power of "big data" and cloud computing to deliver affordable amazingness! Market Like a Megabrands with Magiq!

I am a guest blogger here and on Magiq's Blog

Your replacement in 2014?

Could you be replaced by a robot?

Marketing Technology is advancing at a huge pace, and some of it is aiming to replace the humans in the marketing department.  

We need to decide if this is a good thing, and this post considers the arguments...

surprised? I was!

OMG! you mean RFM is useful?

Those of an analytical/numeric persuasion in marketing can often be heard wittering on about 'RFM scores' and 'quintiles', and much of the time these ideas feel like something completely irrelevant to the “real world”…

…but a couple of weeks back I had a real OMG! moment, when I had a stark lesson in just why these ideas matter, and how powerful they can be.

Purple Buy Button with Kitten

Conversion optimisation: is it really about the colour of the buy button?

Once you have captured your visitor, all you need to do is convert them.  

The old ideas centered around linear conversion funnels and site design are being overtaken by a focus on the customer and their lifecycle with the brand or business.

Here we talk about some of the factors that need to be considered and suggest five proven lifecycle-related campaigns that can be implmented with today's generation of marketing automation services.

Not all abandoned baskets are this bad - picture of abandoned baby

Six ways to make abandoned baskets work for you

Magiq, 2013While some abandonments are never a good thing, abandoned baskets in the online channel can be a rich source of revenue.

This post tries to explain why, and how to make the most of this opportunity.


It's not the size of your data that counts...

It's how you use it. Big Data is today's marketing black, no doubt about it. But it's not as one pundit suggested "Big Data is just ordinary data with good PR" neither is it just the amount in your stash.

No, if you want to realise the massive/staggering/blinding difference data about your visitors can make to your marketing, business and profits you have to learn to wield it effectively.

So, having been given the opportunity to blog about data-driven marketing, data-privacy, and all things targeted, I should start by talking about what we mean by, and can do with, the Big Data bonanza that the online channel provides us...