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I'm a freelance writer, researcher and consultant living in Falmouth, UK.  Much of my work focuses on digital areas such as SEO and online PR, as well as social media technologies and emerging methods of online collaboration.

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Latin Americans are the world’s most frequent mobile video viewers: Stats

The July update to our Internet Statistics Compendium has recently gone live.

This month I want to draw your attention to some key stats which have found their way into the mobile arm of the compendium. In particular, there has been some fascinating data concerning mobile video and its popularity around the globe.


The importance of multiple touchpoints for consumers during purchase: stats

It's another month and therefore another fresh update to our massive Internet Statistics Compendium. 

As usual, we’ve scoured the length and breadth of the internet for the choicest stats and trends from across the digital landscape.


Stats: The growing and enduring appeal of messaging apps

Our recent bumper update to the Internet Statistics Compendium this month has seen an especially diverse array of data and trends concerning the world of mobile apps.

Check out the mobile report for the best in app-related research released over the last few months, whether you want to glance over the biggest app categories in a certain market, or want to dig down further into how companies are incorporating apps into their marketing strategy.


What are internet consumers most concerned about online?

The latest update to our Internet Statistics Compendium contains another comprehensive collection of key data from across the digital landscape, including primary research from ourselves and partners, as well as third party trends from a wealth of sources.

In recent months, there have been some fascinating stats published concerning security and privacy online from analysts as diverse as Statista, Global Web Index and Center for the Digital Future.


Beyond Brazil: digital trends in Latin America

The beginning of the year is always an exciting time to pore over recent trends and to make predictions as to what the next 12 months might hold for the global digital landscape.

The latest update of our Internet Statistics Compendium strives to bring together key data from our own research, alongside a wealth of research from around the web.

It is our handy guide to help you quickly find the internet statistics you need and to help get your pitch or internal report up to scratch.


Stats and insight: The South African Digital Landscape

Our emerging market digital landscape report series is back, with its fifth instalment focusing on the state of internet and mobile in South Africa.

The report offers an overview for marketers and investors looking to South Africa for new digital business opportunities and draws on interviews from those within the market, as well as a range of secondary sources.


Top five Christmas 2014 digital marketing stats

The festive season is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding time in multichannel commerce.

Last month, the internet was awash once more with statistics and trends that dig right down into understanding how consumers are shopping at Christmas, and how merchants are striving for their engagement and cash.

As always, our Internet Statistics Compendium collects the best digital stats from around the globe and across the online and mobile landscape.

Today, I have collected the top five that really piqued my interest over the Christmas period and thought I’d try and sum up why these data points might be valuable to marketers and digital types going on into 2015.

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Global stats: Why youngsters are more likely to be disconnected from the web

This month, the Demographics and Technology Adoption part of our Internet Statistics Compendium saw some interesting additions in regards to who around the globe can access online services easily and who are faced with the most barriers.

For me the most intriguing figures came from McKinsey’s recent report Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption and Ofcom’s latest research Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014.

Both had some insight into how young people are getting online (or not), and they are especially fascinating to take a look at side by side.


Web trends in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine: stats

The demographics and technology adoption section of our Internet Statistics Compendium is probably the biggest single report of updated-by-month internet data you can get your hands on. 

It’s a mixed bag too, covering top-line web usage trends as well as user habits across many markets and down to different demographics.

This month, the report saw a wealth of best bits collected from some fantastic Gemius research published in the summer (and available in full here).

It’s their research into the Russian-speaking internet markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine I wanted to focus on today.

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Stats: How happy are our social networks?

The latest update to Econsultancy’s Internet Statistics Compendium sees the usual batch of hand-picked data gems.

This month, the Social Media sub-report of the compendium saw some particularly interesting stats about engagement (from SocialFlow), how US Fortune 500 companies are using social networks and blogs (Umass) and research which will likely be of interest to businesses and household web-users alike released in August by Fractl.


Mobile Asia: Growth in Hong Kong, India and Taiwan

Asia is a fascinatingly diverse continent when it comes to digital trends.

Along with a wealth of data from all corners of the online world, the latest update to our Internet Statistics Compendium has seen some great mobile data from three key markets in the region: Hong Kong, India and Taiwan.

I thought I’d share some quick Asian mobile growth numbers here. But for more information, our ISC collects freely available stats from a comprehensive range of secondary sources, as well as choice cuts from Econsultancy’s own reports and guides.

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Stats: mobile commerce in the Middle East

The July update to the ecommerce section of our Internet Statistics Compendium has seen some fascinating additions from a wealth of resources. 

As usual, we’ve collected what we deem to be the most interesting digital trends from the latest round of data across the web.

For more information see our ISC and our best-of-the-week blog posts.

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