Author: Justin Rees

Justin Rees

Online lead generation: the "Wild West" of online marketing?

Online lead generation has in the past been described as the "wild west" of online marketing,  but with a whole range of new technologies emerging it looks like the cowboys have finally met their match.


Online lead generation: is your brand holding you back?

Online lead generation can be a very useful tool for bands in their online customer acquisition strategy but a branded campaign is not always the best way to generate leads.


Paid search and online lead generation: can they exist together?

Can paid search and online lead generation co-exist in the same marketing plan, or do advertisers buying leads just end up cannibalising their own own search efforts?

As online lead generation starts to establish itself as a separate discipline in online marketing and an increasing number of advertisers start to see the benefits of paying for leads on a CPL basis, marketers will have to start making some decisions to allocate sufficient budgets to their online lead generation campaigns.

For many lead products, paid search is still one of the most important ways to generate premium leads. This raises a few interesting issues for advertisers running paid search campaigns at the same time as buying in third party leads on a CPL basis. Can the two really exist together in the same marketing plan?