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Author: Jeff Rajeck

Jeff Rajeck

Six must-do's for a successful customer experience programme

Customer experience (CX) is talked about a lot these days, but how are companies in the real world facing the challenge of launching a CX programme?

To find out, Econsultancy invited dozens of client-side marketers in the tropical metropolis of Bangkok to discuss CX at roundtables in April of this year.

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How are Thai marketers personalising the customer experience?

Personalisation is becoming a key component of digital marketing strategy.

In a recent survey of marketers from Australia and New Zealand, nearly seven in ten (69%) said that over the next few years personalising customer interactions was 'very important' for their organisations.


How data-driven CX initiatives can avoid the IT 'black hole'

Improving customer experience (CX) is one of the main priorities of most marketing departments these days.

Marketers often struggle, however, to make CX initiatives a priority with their IT department. 

Here are a few ways marketers are succeeding in spite of this barrier.

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How to optimise your personalisation efforts with segmentation

Most companies are exploring personalisation as a marketing strategy, but many are finding it difficult fitting it into the marketing mix.  

Here is one interesting way to do it.


How Indonesian marketers are tackling data management & CX

In a new global survey we asked marketers to indicate which touchpoints their business treats as a central part of the customer experience (CX).

The results, reported in our Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing (QDIB) 2016 Digital Trends, showed that:


A collection of useful tips for online copywriting that works

There are an overwhelming amount of tips and tricks to help you become a better online copywriter.

To help you organise these tips into a useful 'writers toolbox', we have covered two high-level best practices in previous posts:


Practical tips for getting a CX management programme off the ground

Launching a customer experience (CX) management programme is one of the most-discussed topics within marketing departments these days.

But are different companies talking about the same thing?


Customer Experience (CX) maturity in Australia & New Zealand: New report

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most frequently talked about topics in marketing these days.

The discussion revolves around how we, as marketers, can get a clearer view of how our customers are using our services and buying our products.  

This clearer view of the customer, in turn, helps us to improve our marketing in ways other than just increasing conversions. We can help provide a better overall customer experience.


Personalising the customer journey: Key trends from our Singapore roundtable

Personalisation is a top priority for marketers in 2016 according our global Digital Trends 2016 report. 

Nearly one-third of survey respondents (31%) indicated that 'targeting and personalisation' was in their top three priorities for the coming year, more than any other digital-related area.


Five things Western brands should know about China's digital landscape

China is still, in many ways, a mystery to Western brands.  

Many have tried to enter its alluring market, yet few have achieved any level of success.


The online copywriter's paradox: How to write for your audience & yourself

Writing copy online is difficult. On one hand you have a set message to deliver, but on the other you have be interesting.

Otherwise, you risk losing your easily-distracted audience.


Joining up offline & online data channels in Singapore

Online to offline (O2O) commerce is one of the most frequently talked about topics in retail these days.

Its principles, however, are universal and companies from all industries are working to improve the flow between online and offline customer experience (CX).