Author: Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander (@jeffreymolander / is the authority on making social media sell for business owners and marketing executives. He's a corporate trainer, professional speaker, author and accomplished entrepreneur having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999.

His book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, ( is first to offer a clear path to make things like friends, followers and blogs produce leads, sales and subscribers.

Jeff is adjunct marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business. He speaks to private audiences like Petrobras (Brazil’s energy company), Basics Office Supplies (Canada) and public audiences across the globe.

Turnabout: What do affiliate managers want?

When was the last time you heard anyone ask what online affiliate MANAGERS (not affiliates) want? 

There's so much focus on answering the question, 'What do affiliates really want and need?' that we've seemingly forgotten the marketers themselves.


Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks?

Should marketers use multiple affiliate networks? If so what are the pros, cons and pitfalls to avoid?

I sat down with the very experienced, Carolyn Tang to find out how marketers should go about making that critical decision. She didn't hesitate to give it to me straight!

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America's most innovative company - digitizing experience

What's the secret sauce of - one of the US' most innovative small companies? Inc. Magazine says it best: The Customer Is the Company.


Acquisition 2.0: affiliates & search are not enough

As customers spend less time in all the usual web locales, new marketing practices are needed to capture their attention.

What are they and how can you create them? Here's how you can start. 


Acquisition 2.0: Driving revenue with social, experiential marketing

Selling on the web is quickly becoming lessabout marketers’ supply meeting up with customers’ demand, and more about customers themselves actively bringing their demand toward supply. 

In fact, they're creating supply in many cases. And successful marketers are creating experiences for customers -- not merely selling to them.