Author: Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander (@jeffreymolander / is the authority on making social media sell for business owners and marketing executives. He's a corporate trainer, professional speaker, author and accomplished entrepreneur having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999.

His book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, ( is first to offer a clear path to make things like friends, followers and blogs produce leads, sales and subscribers.

Jeff is adjunct marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business. He speaks to private audiences like Petrobras (Brazil’s energy company), Basics Office Supplies (Canada) and public audiences across the globe.

How restaurants are selling with social media

Restaurants are driving paying customers into stores using Facebook and tracking ROI to the penny. And here's how...


Marketers are translators

In 90 seconds I present my case for digital marketing leadership: Marketers are translators.

They're no longer artists who deliver messages, they're interactive, experiential shepherds that discover need as it evolves in real time.


Publish, engage, sell with 'ethical bribes'

Leading marketers are investing in a NEW approach to creating sales and leads. Are you? Here's what it is and how you can.


Three things you can do tomorrow to create sales: Part three

marketing questions to ask

I'm back with more tips on creating sales and meaningful outcomes using digital marketing, starting tomorrow. 

Here's a technique that is creating better results for trail-blazing companies. Follow me...


Three things you can do tomorrow to create sales: Part two

Together, we're creating better results from emerging digital tools by changing our expectation and practice of Web marketing itself.

I'm back with more details on improving sales, tomorrow, in three easy steps.


Three things you can do tomorrow to create sales

E3 sprouting ideasver wonder if emerging tools like Twitter and Facebook are just glorified ways to distribute coupons or links to white papers?  If you want better results from emerging digital tools it's time to change your expectations, and the way you practice web marketing. 

Here's how to start improving results, tomorrow, in three easy steps.


Create social media results with utilities

Today I'll begin to reveal how service-focused businesses can move forward and realize tangible, meaningful returns using social media & mobile marketing. Results like leads, sales and increased customer value that creates loyalty. 

Here's how in two words: Build utility.


How banks can use social media and mobile apps

How are leading banks applying social media and mobile devices in ways that drive revenue and customer value? Spain's BBVA provides an excellent example of how this can be done. 

Here's a look at how they're creating qualitative outcomes for customers and profits for themselves, and how you can too...


How independent retailers are selling in a tough, new economy

Online and offline, retail has never seen such tough times before.  Veteran entrepreneurs are saying retailing itself has fundamentally changed, and forever. Yet some exceptional small-to-mid sized retailers are surviving. Some are thriving. 

I decided to find out how this could be in such a down market by interviewing one of the brightest stars in U.S. retail. Surprisingly, what separates the winners from losers isn't what you'd expect.


Convincing the boss to invest in social media

So, you've decided to 'get social' with customers on the web, but how can you build strong reasoning to support the decision? How can you get the boss on your team and actively investing in social media at your side?

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How Drs. Foster Smith uses video to drive ecommerce success

As part of the social web movement, marketers are increasingly becoming publishers. There are few who are pouring as much into multimedia (i.e. video) web publishing as Wisconsin USA-based Drs. Fosters Smith. 

This seasoned, catalog-based direct marketer is investing in their own staff, production facilities and syndicating widely, on the Web with, and on national cable television. 

I sat down with their online chief, Gordon MaGee to understand how the company cost-justifies and measures its continued investment in online video.

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Affiliate managers speak out, need tools!

A majority of affiliate managers need to feel more recognized, and given more power, by their bosses. 

Eighty percent of you say bosses need a better understanding of (appreciation for) performance-based web marketing's raw power!  And 90% need better tools to do their job...