Author: Henry Elliss

Henry Elliss

Henry has more than a decade's experience in digital and content marketing, with particular expertise in SEO and social media; active blogger and industry commentator.

When social media attacks: learn from others' mistakes

As a social media marketeer, I'm very aware of how tricky it can sometimes be to prove the value of social media to a brand, particularly a brand with a self-deprecating view of their public perception.

I lose count of the ways I've heard a brand tell me 'Not everyone can be 'the Meerkat' or sexy like Nike', which in some ways is true, but that shouldn't put you off.

What should make a brand nervous is the prospect of getting it wrong, as in the examples I've gathered together for you here...


Social Media: fad or revolution?

This video by Erik Qualman of Search Engine Watch presents statistics that are so alluring that it must leave the viewer wondering why some even consider social media to be a fad.


Facebook and Bebo UK users compared

As a bit of a statistical nerd, I like to keep an eye on the latest statistics on social network usage. Anybody who reads the Tamar blog will know that I regularly report on how Facebook in particular is growing, but until recently I had very little to compare it against.

Finding accurate and up-to-date information on MySpace is nye-on impossible (unless I'm missing a trick?) and Bebo proved fairly hard to find as well. We've all heard that Bebo is supposed to be the social network of choice for kids, and Facebook proves much more popular for the older generation, but do the numbers back this up?


Search arrogance can easily backfire

In these days of digital goodness, I'm sure I'm not alone in noticing more and more brands using the phrase: 'search for us online...' in their ad campaigns. But this strategy has failed many, many times, so why do brands take the risk?

A quick scout around the digital media press, and obviously the obligatory question posted on Twitter, revealed many examples of brands using search in ads:


How well is your brand being Bing'd?

Now that the world has had a bit of time to get used to Bing in all its glory, we've been giving some thought to what new opportunities it could present to brands.

As somebody who spends a lot of time talking with organisations about how they can make the best of Social Media opportunities (but who also has a long history in the world of search) it's very exciting to see a brand new search engine. And not just a search engine; this appears to be a major shake-up in the world of search results.


Tips for brands starting out on twitter

If you're a twitter user, you'll have noticed more and more brands jumping on to the band wagon lately, to varying degrees of success. To spare a few blushes, I've put together a few tips (twips?) to help out any brands who are joining twitter but aren't quite sure how to interact.