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Heather Taylor

Heather is a writer and filmmaker who covers media and communications, tech, ecommerce and the arts and was listed by Brand Republic as one of the top 200 most influential bloggers in 2011. She is currently VP, Head of Social Content and Strategy at Social@Ogilvy. These posts were written during her time as editorial director of Econsultancy in New York (2012-13).

Prior to her move to Econsultancy, Heather was acting editor of About the BBC, the BBC corporate blog and website, and managed online corporate reputation for the BBC. Previous roles included social media manger for PayPal UK and social media/ PR manager for Groundswell award winner, giffgaff.

Heather speaks at events on social media, marketing, community and filmmaking - previous speaking engagements include talks at ComicCon, Reputation Online Live, Technology for Marketing and Advertising, PR Week, European Customer Experience World, Social Media in Business, Media Camp London, and Digital Surrey. She has also advised on social media strategy for a number of startups and charitable organizations.

Finance and pharma in 2013

A strange combination but these are two areas that may see a big change in the upcoming year - especially if they can get away from the stringent regulations they often work under.

I think marketers working under these conditions have done amazing things and those working in these sectors only have room to grow.

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How marketing in the travel industry will change in 2013

With Wikipedia shaking up online travel with WikiVoyage, things are already changing in this essential industry at the start of 2013. As travel becomes more and more accessable and more competitive, how marketing in this space has to become more savvy and customer centric.

But what is actually going to change and how are marketers going to shift gears in the upcoming year?


What to expect from apps in 2013

Love mobile? Love your apps? On the other with Windows 8 hitting the scene, it looks like apps will be more popular than ever. But is it the way to go?

The average smart phone user has only 40 apps on their phone with a great precentage of them leaning toward a utility function. So what would the advantage be for your company to go into the app space. If you aren't there already, should you still jump in?


Personalisation and tablets will dominate changes to ecommerce in 2013

At the end of 2012, we saw record numbers in online shopping over the holidays and that is only going to increase as our ecommerce experiences improve.

This will only happen if we increase personalisation and make our shopping experience more relevant. 

Also as we increase to use new devices in our day to day lives, those retailers and companies who ensure their sites and shopping experiences extend into tablets and mobiles will be ahead.

This year may see more of this especially when it comes specifically to tablets.


Personalization key for email in 2013

Though email has been with us for the lifetime of most digital marketers, I think it has the potential to be an exciting space, if marketers are able to look at it as a new and exciting channel just as they think of social media.

Agencies are beginning to merge email and social as they see personalization at the core of the success of both channels. This is one area we'll see grow in 2013 but what else is in store for us when it comes to email?


Social media in 2013: the year we finally go “beyond the like”

Social media is not the new kid on the block anymore but it's still a growing channel and 2013 will see a number of changes - or so our industry experts think. Brands are starting to realise the importance of this channel and are looking for real numbers to back up the claims of agencies and social media experts.

The continued growth of content will affect how people use and interact with social media and the beands using it. And now that we can collect more specific and individual data through social media, this content will become even more effective.


The face of retail in 2013

With the UK being rocked by the closure of major retail chains such as video rental chain Blockbuster and music store, HMV, it's an important for us all around the globe to look at what the face of retail will be in 2013 and how shopping needs to continue to change with technology.

Some retailers like Nordstrom are already aware of the need to innovate. Major retailers can't sit back any longer and watch their competitors crumble without thinking they could be next.


What's heading our way for search and analytics in 2013

The more data points we have as marketers, the more we are able to analyze the effectiveness of of what we do online and how we can readily adjust our strategies, including search.

Each year, we look ahead and try to focast what changes we can expect in the year ahead. No one predicted that Facebook would be joining the search game but here are another few predictions that may happen in the next 12 months.


2013: the year of ‘smart data’

Yesterday, we looked at what some industry professionals think are the big trends in big data for the upcoming year. I had the chance to talk to Dr. Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies, about what he is looking at for his research in 2013.

For him, it's about smart data instead of the generics often spoken about around "big data."


Big data in 2013: experts' view

Moving from conversations dominated by mobile to data, some marketers never want to hear the term 'Big Data' again. But with more and more companies in social and tag management utilizing the surge of data available to them, the big data conversation is not one that ended with the end of 2012.

We've already touched on big data with a post earlier this month by Patricio Robles on the challenges of big data in 2013, but this time we're hearing from some of the experts.

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The future of tag management

Tag management has been on everyone's lips in 2012 so it's no surprise that the conversations are continuing into 2013. It's important for companies to better manage their websites and the information of their own and that of their customers that they are sharing.

Better site performance is expected by customers especially for ecommerce sites. Tag management is the way to make this happen and will be utilized by more and more companies throughout the year.

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What will Facebook look like in 2013?

Throughout 2012 we saw speculations and rumours surrounding Facebook and its IPO. There have been plenty of doom and gloom predictions and Facebook itself has stayed tightlipped about how it is going to grow in the future.

So what's going to happen with Facebook and its billion users in the year to come?