Author: Dave Wieneke

Dave Wieneke
The Golden Age of Freelancing?

Sorry AdAge: Permlancing is not the new agency model

A recent Ad Age article proclaimed that freelancers are a happy and well paid lot, and that they're a hot new trend on Madison Avenue.

However, when you scratch the surface of their research, it's clear that permanent freelancing brings as much instability to agencies as those stepping-up for extended temporary work. 

A reality that's easy for employed agency execs, and writers, to overlook.

What's Pinterest's Business Model - Do They Need One

How does Pinterest make money?

The third and final part of our series on Pinterest brings us to  the making-money part of the story.

After all, that's what separates a “cool feature” from a business. And by Pinterest's own admission, they're still figuring out their business model. And a sceptical as I am by nature, my response is "so what?"

Twitter looks like a viable social media titan, but does anyone think they've cracked the code on their revenue model? And with just over 20 staff, and 10 million users - with brands now running campaigns on Pinterest, there's a difference between "not having" a model, and waiting to select the right business model.

Is Pinterest a Copyright Time Bomb?

Is Pinterest a copyright time bomb?

MIT Tech Review hails Pinterest's terms of use as a genius-level copyright dodge. And while that may be so, its position is disingenuous to the point of irony.

The problem is that "sharing whatever you like" and copyright infringement are, well, sort of the same thing. Especially as Pinterest encourages people to use "nice big versions" of what they find, and to "share from more than one source".

On one hand Pinterest makes it easy to grab images from all over the Internet, even though the terms of use say that's something users will never do.

I've already started a pin board to track the legal issues ahead for Pinterest. But thanks to the terms, using Pinterest could end-up landing me in court for doing so. And that has a few smart users backing off from this hot new social network.

Should you care about Pinterest?

What Is Pinterest, and why should anyone care?

Pinterest's potential isn't an all-or-nothing proposition. But if you're a digital manager, you need a clear point of view on this for those you advise.

Yes, there's hype, but Pinterest is the front edge of at least two important digital marketing trends.

This is the first in a series of three posts taking a strategic view of what's shaping-up to be 2012's breakthrough new social network.

Melissa Stockwell Paralympic Swimmer

Social media campaign best practice: The Hartford’s Achieve Without Limits

There are few advertising campaigns that stop people in their tracks, and few if any of those are by insurance companies using social media.

That's why this use of social media and cause marketing is so impressive. Both because it was staggeringly effective from an engagement and brand perspective, and because it took place within a highly regulated industry.

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Qwikster and Elmo

Netflix fragments its brand in a self-made disaster

It can't be a fun week to be a marketer at Netflix. A year ago Netflix seemed unassailable.

Now its fate may be in the hands of the very Hollywood studios it bested and a 'pot-smoking guy' who owns its new brand on Twitter.

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Microsoft Buys Skype

How Skype is key to Microsoft's future on the web

Microsoft's $8.5bn acquisition of Skype is its largest purchase, and it puts in to play its vision of a web based on social relationship, location, and application experiences.

Last night, Microsoft Online Services Division President Qi Lu presented the firm's view of the Web's future, which helps put the importance of the Skype purchase into perspective.


Auto industry accelerates with mobile computing

The experience of buying and owning automobiles is being remade in mobile channels. Apps, tablets, and new interoperability are changing how manufacturers and dealers connect with customers, and how we connect with our cars.


Multichannel precision marketing at the store shelf

If you knew which customers were making decisions right at the store shelf, or on a showroom floor, would you talk to them differently than someone doing research from home?

Of course. Increasingly marketers are reaching shoppers through mobile devices as they make retail choices in stores. There's a huge opportunity for digital marketing to come "inside the store" to provide realtime air support to help win sales.


How mobile commerce is reinventing the shopping experience

Mobile commerce is erasing the line between online and in-person shopping. I've been looking at the growth of this market and ways retailers are building their m-commerce future.

Retailers are seeing mobile shopping skyrocket. Mobile commerce sales in the US in 2008 were $400m. That number quadrupled to $1.20bn in 2009, and then doubled to $3.4bn in 2010. 

Growth for 2011 promises to be nothing but explosive...

Mobile devices change user behavior.

Did you just bring that iPad to bed with you?

Just as the browser rendered AOL’s walled garden of content obsolete, the application experience is replacing the web page.

After fifteen years of building an always-on, ubiquitous network, we now have the right interface for it: the tablet.