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Claire Brinkley

After graduating college and travelling the world, Claire started working as a journalist and researcher for Mediaconnect. In this role Claire wrote stories for and about the tech PR community, which were posted daily to their corporate website. She then went on to promote cycling education within Australia, working for AustCycle as a journalist, marketing and PR person. 

Australia Post declares $2bn digital strategy: Part one

Australia Post will be investing $2 billion dollars into modernising parcel delivery, improving retail networks and launching a new digital mailbox in an attempt to future-proof the business and reap the benefits of the digital economy. 

This will be the single largest investment in the history of Australia Post and it comes on the back of the increasing popularity of online shopping, which has raised the demand for package delivery to an all-time high.


New report reveals the impact of digital on Australian universities

Australian universities will not make it to 2025 unless they significantly improve their digital platforms and current business models, according to a new report. 

Ernst & Young’s ‘University of the Future’ report was released earlier this week and it declared that the current public university model in Australia will prove unviable in the next decade, in all but a few cases. It seems that if universities don’t better utilise digital opportunities, they won’t survive. 


Deloitte Australia: Digital disruption [infographic]

As previously explored, the recent Digital Disruption report from Deloitte examines the impact of digital innovation on individual sectors, analysing how much change they can expect to experience in the years to come and how long they have to adapt. 

This accompanying infographic sets out some of their key findings, chiefly that the Australian economy will be facing greater digital disruption in the coming years, with businesses needing to begin planning strategic responses to this as soon as possible.


Are Australian retailers still lagging behind online?

Apparently, the short answer to this question is yes. 

It seems that Australian businesses are still resisting going online, dismissing social media and refusing to divert their attention and budget away from traditional sales channels. 

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Deloitte Australia: Digital disruption - Short fuse, big bang?

According to a new report, one-third of the Australian economy faces major digital disruption in the near future and companies face watching 50% of their business perish if they don’t adapt to the digital changes quickly and efficiently.

The report by Deloitte titled ‘Digital disruption: Short fuse, big bang?’ looks at the impact of digital innovation on individual industries, analysing how much additional change they can expect to experience in the years to come. The report also speculates what time frame each industry has to adapt and how they should pull together the right strategic response to cope with these changes. 


Can Australian retailers use Facebook's new Collections feature to their advantage?

It looks like Facebook could be attempting a further push into e-commerce with the reported creation of a new feature which will allow users create wish lists of home furnishings, clothing and other retail products.

The new Collections feature enables retailers to put 'want' and 'collect' buttons on their pictures, which can be clicked by users to create a wish list on their personal profiles. 

The buttons are still in beta testing at the moment and will only be rolled out to the US initially, but if they prove successful there is no doubt they will be available for Australian retailers too.


Digital marketing is growing in Australia, but so is the skills gap

Seven out of ten digital marketers believe they have equal or more digital expertise than their managers and over half think their co-workers lack the skills needed to run successful campaigns.

These statistics come from Responsys’ third annual Big Australia Report, which revealed there is a widening gap in the skills of Australian digital marketers. 


CBA: Australian retailers clawing back online market share

With fast internet, reliable technology and a strong dollar, Australians are increasingly shopping online, a topic that continues to dominate the news; especially in the context of international e-commerce sites trumping local retailers.

However, recent data from a Commonwealth Bank study points towards an emerging shift of Australian stores starting to gain back market share from international competitors.