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Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher was the Deputy Editor at Econsultancy. He runs pop culture site Methods Unsound and you can hound him on Twitter @Christophe_Rock.

20 of the worst things to happen to the internet in 2014

Say hello to 2015 by looking back at 2014 at saying to yourself “oh God, I hope that doesn’t happen again”.

Just before Christmas we published our annual best things to happen to the internet list. Think of this as its scheming, hand-rubbing, soul-patch wearing, evil twin brother.


Happy Christmas from Econsultancy, see you in 2015

As Econsultancy sets its out of office reply to ‘can’t talk, stuffing mince pies in my face’ all that’s left to do is publish one final missive before we disappear into a fog of sherry, then forget to use that Heston Blumenthal turkey brining kit we bought while a bit tipsy in Waitrose last night.

Before that happens though, all of us here at Econsultancy would like to say a huge thank you to all of our readers, subscribers, delegates and clients.

It’s been an incredible year and it would have been significantly less incredible without you.

We’ll be signing off now until after Christmas, when we’ll return with our usual high-quality mixture of expert research, stunning insight and terribly useful best practice guidance served with a healthy side of irreverence.

However there’s still masses here to keep you entertained and informed if you happen to be online over the next few days...


Google AdWords new metric helps measure in-store conversion

More than ever, customers are using a variety of ways to interact with your business offline or online. 

This multichannel connectivity means it’s difficult to measure the impact of one particular marketing effort on a conversion, particularly if that conversion happens offline. 


25 best things from our weekly round-up of internet distractions in 2014

It’s the blog equivalent of turning the television on to watch The Simpsons, only to find it’s a clip-show.

Yep it’s a collection of all the best stuff from our weekly round-up of weird/funny stuff, loosely stitched together to make it look like it’s a brand new thing.

Be under no illusion though, it definitely isn’t. However it’s still a good excuse to look back over a year’s worth of nonsense and pick out the bits you may have missed.

So sit back, relax and lose yourself to a good 10-15 minutes of thundering balderdash.


11 magnificent stats from around the digital world

I want it stat way!

This is the last online marketing stats round-up before Christmas, a time when we can all down our data-vizs, forget all about data and remember we had a family.


30 best things to happen to the internet in 2014

Here’s a bumper crop of joyful things taken from the last 12 months of internet escapades, all of which made 2014 particularly amazing.

Some will make you think “wow the internet is brilliant”, some will make you think “wow the internet is kinda stupid”, either way these are all things that have somehow made our world a better place, in both minor and major ways.


17 crucial web design trends for 2015

Please do not mistake me for some kind digital prognosticator, soothsayer guru, evangelist, swami, samurai or whatever risible term is currently popular in digital marketing circles.

I am but one writer who has spent the last year immersed (and only occasionally floundering) in previously unchartered waters in my first 12 months of writing for Econsultancy.

This isn’t just a list of trends that I’ve noticed during my own research, but also ones discovered by my many venerable colleagues, various friends of the blog and passed on to me by Dan Barker or compiled throughout the year by Chris Lake.


15 of the best Instagram videos of 2014

Since introducing video functionality to its app last year, we’ve seen an incredibly diverse range of brilliant Instagram videos from brands throughout 2014.

As the compiler of the monthly best Instagram round-up it is my task to cherry-pick the very best that 2014 had to offer.

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Which company sent the most 'spam' in 2014?

It’s an end-of-year list you didn’t know you wanted.

Which brand filled your inbox with corporate clutter? Whose business saw their daily marketing emails lead to the most unsubscribes? Which company’s irrelevant broadcasting made you hit the spam button?


30 of the best Vines of 2014

Don’t tell Instagram video this but *looks around to check Instagram isn’t within hearing distance* I like Vine more.

Vine encourages a level of innovation, humour, imagination and low-budget ‘can-do’ spirit that sees brands step out of their comfort zone and become much more human. Meanwhile brands on Instagram can still hide behind its many filters, tools and longer running time to remain as impersonal as a TV ad.


14 things from the internet this week deemed most 'internetty'

Lists. From the dawn of time human beings have yearned to rank everything they see in a certain order. 

From the Neanderthals ranking caves in order of roominess in the annual AA Best Cave magazine, to Victorians ranking penny farthings in order of least to most precarious in the monthly Pennies For Your Thought journal, to the future when the enslaved human masses will be ranked in order of juiciness to gristliness in the daily email from, it is indeed safe to say we all love a list.


13 insightful stats from around the digital world

Stats entertainment.

And by golly I’ll be wringing as much entertainment as I possibly can from this latest collection of up-to-date internet stats and data sent to us from researchers, analysts and statisticians across the digital marketing realm.