Author: Chloe Young

Chloe Young

Making the most of multichannel (with data’s help)

In today’s environment, you can pretty much forget about creating a simplistic, linear customer journey. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

The reason for this is that your prospects are highly active and mobile, operating across a whole variety of different devices, channels, networks and platforms.

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Four key content marketing principles

What is the secret to successful content marketing?

Much has been written about the rise and rise of content marketing. Brands across both B2C and B2B sectors have realised that content is both an effective and essential route to reaching and engaging customers.


RIP innovation: How your company culture is killing marketing creativity

Proof of ROI is the one factor guaranteed to get board-level buy-in for increasing marketing budgets.

But is the fixation with ROI getting in the way of innovation?


Real-time marketing: The key to real success?

Just a few years ago, customers would wait 24 hours for an email or callback.

Today it’s NOW – or nothing... along the whole customer journey.


What does the future hold for Data Management Platforms?

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are, despite still being on the cutting edge of technology, beginning to move beyond the early adopter stage and are now showing real and serious business benefits.

Oracle/Econsultancy’s report ‘The Role of DMPs in The Era of Data-Driven Advertising’ highlights found that 20% of those surveyed have been using a DMP for four years, however despite this length of time DMPs are ever-evolving and growing ever more sophisticated.

This blog post examines how DMPs have changed and what the future holds for them.


Why Pinterest should be part of your marketing strategy

Social sharing goes beyond your friends list. Even ultra-social apps like Pinterest can work wonders for marketers with the right approach.


Millennials and mobile: what marketers need to know

Marketing your business to millennials matters, and it means meeting them on their mobiles.


Mobile psychology: how do smartphoners behave differently to desktoppers?

Mobile has overtaken desktop in terms of Internet traffic, with profound effects on smartphone users.

This article looks at the psychological differences between smartphoners and desktoppers and what each may mean for marketers.

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Five underrated Twitter metrics you should be using

Discover lesser-used metrics that can deliver more valuable insights when it comes to trending topics.


How to extract marketing data at a rate customers are comfortable with

Your marketing data is key to turning contact into conversation on the right timescale, discover how to use your marketing data to build your customers’ trust over time.

Everyone knows customer relationships take time to build.

Yet a surprising number of marketers see the sales process more as a series of checkboxes than a development over time.


Marketing automation: five insights you must consider

Automated campaigns can be 200% more effective at converting sales.

Here’s how to achieve similar returns on your own automated marketing efforts.