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Ben Davis

Ben Davis is Editor at Econsultancy. He lives in Manchester, England. You can contact him at or follow at @herrhuld.

google logo

Can Google conquer programmatic outdoor advertising? We ask the experts

Last week came the news from WirtschaftsWoche that Google intends to make a foray into out-of-home (OOH) advertising in Germany.

Whilst programmatic OOH is nothing new (the automated buying of digital outdoor space) and allows advertisers to change their messaging according to variables such as time, date, weather and sports results, Google's trump card is the personal data it has access to, partly through the Android smartphone operating system.

emily buckman

A day in the life of... a global strategic consultant at Urban Airship

You may have heard of Urban Airship already – the mobile engagement platform associated with push notifications, amongst other things. Econsultancy has featured some of their stats in our weekly roundups.

This week we spoke to Emily Buckman, a global strategic consultant at the business, to find out what her work entails.

lora stock

A day in the life of... director of social & content strategy at Campbell Ewald

Lora Stock is group director, social and content strategy at full-service agency Campbell Ewald.

Given that Stock says "social media ages in dog years", her typical day must have a lot packed in. Let's find out...

tasso argyros

A day in the life of... CEO of a customer data platform

ActionIQ is an enterprise customer data platform working with major brands such as Verizon, Weight Watchers, and Shutterstock. Its co-founder and CEO is Tasso Argyros.

Let's hear about his mission to make it easier for large enterprise marketers to manage data across channels.

spoon guru

Spoon Guru on AI-powered mission to change food discovery & shopping

Spoon Guru is a smart search tool that finds foods and recipes to match your unique dietary needs.

The company partnered with Tesco in 2017 to help customers filter grocery products on the retailer's ecommerce website. Spoon Guru's co-founder and CEO Markus Stripf is speaking at the Festival of Marketing 2018, October 10-11 in London (the undoubted highlight of our marketing calendar), so we caught up with him to get a sneak peek.

agatha rymanowska

A day in the life of... SVP Enterprise Operations at Conversant

Agatha Rymanowska works for Conversant, a personalized digital advertising company and the digital media arm of Epsilon.

What does Rymanowska do, is it fun and what skills does she need? That's exactly what we asked...

johann hermann

A day in the life of... COO of a search-based targeting company

Johann Hermann, COO at Nano Interactive, says his favourite tool is his brain and in an ideal world his next job will be building boats by hand.

Find out what else Johann has to say about his role at the search-based targeting company...


The best Asia-Pacific digital marketing stats from July 2018

This month's roundup include consumer attitudes to data privacy, figures that show how often Australian marketers must get sign off from their CEO, and mindblowing numbers from Pinduoduo and WeChat.

Here's the best Asia-Pacific digital marketing stats from July 2018 (see the Internet Statistics Compendium for more)...

amy kean

A day in the life of... head of strategic innovation at Starcom

Well, this has to be my favourite 'Day in the Life' interview yet, with author and head of strategic innovation at Starcom, Amy Kean.

Never has innovation sounded more practical and fun. Let's hear from Amy about what it means to have such an intimidating job title...


Calculating digital marketing ROI: Seven questions to ask before you start

Econsultancy has just published a new Best Practice Guide, Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing.

Subscribers can download the guide in full, but I thought I would tease you, reader, by sharing seven questions marketers should ask themselves before they calculate ROI.

kam reell

A day in the life of... digital marketing officer at Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital Charities

We've got another clientside 'day in the life' this week, as we follow Kam Reehal for a day. Kam is senior digital marketing officer at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital Charities.

Let's find out more about a life in digital fundraising...

trip advisor

Why TripAdvisor's UX is head and shoulders above OTAs

After booking a few hotel rooms recently, I thought it worth making some notes about why TripAdvisor is the only aggregator I feel truly comfortable using. 

Unsurprisingly, it is the reviews on TripAdvisor, the service's raison d'être, that prove so compelling to me. But there are a few other notable features, too.