Responsive design is still one of the most popular topics on the Econsultancy blog, though among all our roundups one industry that we’ve neglected to cover is B2B.

It’s easy to see why publishers and B2C ecommerce stores might benefit from having a responsive site, as they need to cater for an ever-growing proportion of mobile traffic.

However if we’re happy to make sweeping generalisations, then it can be said that B2B companies are more likely to get a majority of their traffic during working hours when people are in front of a desktop, and also have a longer sales cycle so don’t need to worry about occasional impulse purchases from mobile users.

In fact only two companies in the FTSE 100 have felt it necessary to build a responsive site.

Even so, as Christopher Ratcliff pointed out recently there are still a number of compelling reasons for B2B companies to create a responsive website.

So to give some inspiration for businesses that are in the process of moving to a responsive site, I've rounded up 13 examples of B2B companies already using responsive design.

These aren't necessarily the world's best examples, but they will hopefully give some guidance for your own efforts. And don't worry, we will very soon be able to add Econsultancy to this list as well!


Website personalization firm Qubit use a simple, uncluttered design that scales perfectly to smaller screens.

I like the hamburger menu on the mobile screen, however I’m not a fan of the carousel.

ABD Team

Insurance broking is not a sexy industry, but that doesn’t mean the sites also have to be dull.

The ABD Team has created a user-friendly site that’s easy to navigate regardless of the screen size. That said, I would prefer it to use a hamburger navigation rather than a ‘Menu’ button on mobile.



This site is far from perfect, but it’s still a useful example of how B2B companies can approach responsive design.

The homepage looks good on a mobile screen and the contact form is excellent, however some of the links are too small.


Microsoft has a huge range of products and services, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it hasn’t managed to make its entire site responsive.

However the sections that are responsive look great and are very simple to navigate.


General Electric

GE has always been an early adopter of digital marketing, so it’s no surprise that it has a decent responsive site.

You can read more about the brand in our post looking at its social media strategy.


Gallup’s site is a B2B resource for research, analytics and news, so it’s slightly different to the other companies on this list.

It could do with a few UX tweaks, such as the navigation option on the mobile screen, but it is a decent effort bearing in mind how much content it publishes.


I really like the simplicity of this design and the use of white space. The CTAs are also excellent and easy to use even on a mobile screen.

There is a slight problem with the navigation menu though, as some of the links are a bit too small.


Travis Perkins PLC

Travis Perkins’ corporate site was revamped earlier this year using responsive design. 

It was built by digital agency Amaze and uses an uncluttered layout that scales perfectly to mobile screens.

The simple colour palette and use of white space ensures that it has a clean, attractive interface.   


Dootrix is a consultancy firm that claims to be expert in mobile technologies, so one would expect it to have a decent responsive site (though the same could be said of Econsultancy...).

And it does indeed have a well-designed site, though there are perhaps too many images on the ‘Who we are’ page which results in a whole lot of scrolling.


Some of the pages on Velocity’s website could do with a revamp (such as ‘Our Clients’), but it’s still a decent example of a B2B company stealing a march on its competitors with a responsive site.


Salesforce has its fingers in a lot of pies, yet has still managed to include its entire product range on one responsive website.

That it remains easy to use regardless of the screen size is commendable.


Agreement Express

Big text, big buttons and plenty of white space. What not to like from Agreement Express?


It’s let down by annoying rollups (I know I'm a hypocrite) and a cluttered ‘Shop’ page, but DeskCentre’s responsive site is worth checking out.

David Moth

Published 19 March, 2014 by David Moth

David Moth is Editor and Head of Social at Econsultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn

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Nick Green


B2B always gets a bit forgotten about. At least this shows there's plenty of people out there upping the B2B game – after all, businesses are people too, right?

Here's another responsive site for an unsexy but personable insurance broker:

over 4 years ago

David Moth

David Moth, Managing Editor at Barclaycard

Thanks Nick, will check that one out.

over 4 years ago



I've said it many times before but IMO mobile "responsive" web design is actually nothing new.

It's always been important to design sites which work well in the widest possible range of viewing environments (device independence being one of the original "founding principles" of the World Wide Web), and it seems extraordinary to me that it's taken well over twenty years for the industry to "wake up" to this very important issue !

over 4 years ago



The industry is waking up, because mobile is probably going to take more than 50% share of the Global Internet usage by the end of 2014. Considering how fast the mobile share of the pie is growing it's a real shame if a website doesn't have responsive design nowadays.

over 4 years ago



Thanks for sharing the article - surprising to see some of the big names are the slowest to react to responsive design.

over 4 years ago

Ailsa Illingworth

Ailsa Illingworth, Online Marketing Manager at Citation Ltd

Thanks for the article - it's great to see some focus (and inspiration) within B2B, There are some really interesting examples here.

over 4 years ago


Daniel Murphy, Director at Abacus e-Media

We recently launched this responsive site for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society ( which shows that even the most traditional organisations supplying information to businesses and professionals are making the leap forward...

about 4 years ago

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