We live in a world of big (and little) data, and many people have to make sense of numbers as part of their job. The trouble is that there can be a lot of friction involved when mining the data. 

This is where dashboards come into play: a well-designed dashboard can save huge amounts of time, helping people to quickly identify the numbers that matter, in order to make insightful observations or to compile reports. 

Dashboard design is a tricky business. The challenge is to communicate the key numbers in a straightforward way, while allowing users to drill down into the specifics. It is about avoiding clutter, about catering for personalisation, and about the prioritisation of the right metrics. It's difficult to get right, but I think many of these examples have lots of good things going for them. 

I have a few ideas for web apps based around dashboards, so in part this post constitutes a kind of note to self. It is also a call for further suggestions... if you have seen other beautiful / functional / clever dashboards then do leave a comment below. And if you're a data geek who doesn't love some of these, then be sure to say why!

measurement and analytics report


Lancaster Bingo Company

By Danny Amacher.

A flat design dashboard

By Chris Masterson.

Yet more flat design

by Riki Tanone.


Patient records

By Andrew Lucas.

Sprout Social

Nektar Dashboard

By Justin Roberts.


Dashboard Analytics

By Hila Pileg.

Cranium Dashboard

By David Stewart.

Start Admin

Fox Metrics


By ModernBits.

Airbnb Analytics

By Martin Oberhäuser.

Kareer Dashboard

By Gabe Abadilla.

Statisti.cs Dashboard

By Derek Bender.


Wave Dashboard

By Handsome.


Also by Handsome.





Seen any others? By all means leave a comment below...

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Chris Lake

Published 3 June, 2013 by Chris Lake

Chris Lake is CEO at EmpiricalProof, and former Director of Content at Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter, Google+ or connect via Linkedin.

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What about dashboards created via apps like Cyfe.com? Here's an example pulled from their homepage: http://www.cyfe.com/images/dashboard-marketing.png

about 5 years ago

Richard Hatfield

Richard Hatfield, Director at Sleep Intelligent Design

Great examples Chris.

There are often great software products on the market that are almost invaluable to their customers that are let down by poor design and presentation. In an age where we are almost overwhelmed by data, being able to extract information that is truly of value and present it in a coherent and concise format is essential, and likely demonstrates an ordered and rational business. I might be offered the 'complete package' from a 3rd party software provider and be inclined not to purchase based on poor UX and their ability to present.

about 5 years ago


Gail La Grouw

I agree, these designs are beautiful. However, they are more infographics than effective dashboards in terms of the amount and depth of insight they communicate. Accepting that, the design, colours and graphics are a visual delight.

about 5 years ago


Jeremy Dunck

Design can not be judged without the context of who the user is and what problems we're helping them solve.

These are pretty. Are they good? I have no idea on most of them.

about 5 years ago


Michael Kirby

Info-graphics only get SO pretty, then it comes down to "I've seen the data, now what am I going to do with it?" DOMO has some great features that sets them apart from other business intelligence dashboards. Visualization, collaboration, and improvement. That is what will be the value add as big data gets bigger.

about 5 years ago


Phil Hammett, Digital Marketing Manager at The Share Centre

Some great examples there - looking to produce some dashboards for internal use and will use some of the design on display here.

Other data design I'm a fan of - the "Stocktouch" app and Nike + web. Both are beautifully designed with a high level of interaction and customisation.

about 5 years ago


Josh Brancek

OMG, that Toutapp looks so cool!!!

about 5 years ago

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips, Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai

Excellent post Chris! My little touch of OCD means I'm so happy to see a clean, well designed dashboard, as well as picking up some useful ideas along the way!

about 5 years ago


David Nicol, Managing Director at NB Communication Ltd

Thanks Chris. There are some really beautiful and inspiring designs in your list.

We recently created the dashboard you can see at http://www.lerwick-harbour.co.uk/dashboard. It is slightly different from your examples in that it is intended for general public use (as opposed to being for logged-in users/customers). It pulls in information from various different sources and therefore saves people a lot of time as they can get everything in once place.

about 5 years ago

Shilpi Choudhury

Shilpi Choudhury, Writer/Blogger at FusionCharts

We recently covered a few Fitness app dashboards on our blog. Here's the link: http://blog.fusioncharts.com/2013/08/10-inspiring-fitness-app-dashboards/

about 5 years ago


Jayson Ambrose, Filemobile

Econsultancy in the theme affiliate marketing business now?? :)

almost 5 years ago

Chris Lake

Chris Lake, CEO at Empirical Proof

Hey Jayson - no, though I've previously suggested that we create a few themes of our own!

almost 5 years ago

David Farrell-Shaw

David Farrell-Shaw, Digital Marketing at Personal

Dashboard porn. Superb designs, Great post.

almost 5 years ago


Beth Granter, Digital Consultant at Brilliant Noise

So many things for me to check out, thanks for this post.

Also, one I like as you can plug anything into it, is Geckoboard. http://www.geckoboard.com/

almost 5 years ago


Jake Delany, Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence by Brisbane Truck School at BTS

All are very beautiful and easy to understand. Anyone can find all info in one page. http://brisbanetruckschool.com/hc-licence

over 4 years ago


Geogia Picton

My little touch of OCD means I'm so happy to see a clean, well designed dashboard, as well as picking up some useful ideas along the way! - http://www.petcover.com.au/

over 4 years ago


Iain Noakes, Chief Customer Journey Officer at The Economist Newspaper Ltd

I think the visualisation Jedi Stephen Few may have a few strong words to be said about form and function of some of the examples above. I'm all for making data accessible, but whatever is presented has to be informative and actionable.

about 4 years ago


justin kavanagh, Internet Marketer at none

The Kareer Dashboard looks awesome, great list

almost 4 years ago


vince Vervliet, Owner at Feel Good Inc

Also take a look at HappyMetrix

over 3 years ago


Subrata Das, RS & GIS expert at ISRO

GREAT ! Good collection and informative. Would like to know that is there any ready-made software to generate these dashboard or can we generate these dashboard using the java script or java programming.... any API..... etc. - please suggest.

over 3 years ago


Amanda Kendzior, Customer Happiness at Screensaver Ninja

Great suggestions; all are easy on the eye and communicate data in a more visually appealing way than just bare numbers.

In case it is of any help, we've created a product that can display all these dashboards (or, actually, any website) in rotation on a dedicated computer.

Screensaver Ninja uses an idle computer's screensaver to display websites that are automatically updated, so you don't have to necessarily choose one of the above but rather, link the ones that are important to you and create an instant dashboard display :) Check it out at screensaver.ninja

about 3 years ago

Benjamin Vuitton

Benjamin Vuitton, Growth Hacker at BIME Analytics

Very nice dashboards indeed! I use BIME, a cloud-based data analytics and dashboarding platform for digital marketing specialists with +25 visualisations: bimeanalytics.com

about 3 years ago

Mamunur Rashid

Mamunur Rashid, CEO at Clipping Area

This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here.

almost 2 years ago

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